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Identification Marking


We provide laser engraving services for identification, branding and marking on a diverse range of engineered parts and components. From ID marking, ID serialisation, 2D matrix or barcodes on anything from surgical instruments to hearing aids; we have a depth of experience to ensure a professional result.

You can achieve 100 micron laser etching into tool steel with our YAG laser engraving, providing plastic injection moulders with detailed branding and artwork in your tools.
We have over 35 years in the engraving industry and over 10 years leading the market in both CO2 and YAG laser marking technologies. We offer professional consultation, proofing and a quality process control environment.

When you require your manufactured product or component to have an accurate and enduring mark, YAG laser technology will provide the best solution for you.

Whether you need a decorative impression to brand your product or require micron accuracy for your precision machined parts we can provide a marking solution for you.

We can cater for serialised and bar-coded parts tracking. From hearing aid parts to energy control pumps we have provided leading companies with a reliable marking solution.

We understand the demands of business to create relationships with suppliers where quality and service consistency are the key to success.

For many manufacturers the capital and labour costs of achieving state-of-the-art in-house laser marking are prohibitive and these activities may not part of your core business focus.

We are committed to providing streamlined product identification services with optimal lead times to ensure you maintain your competitive advantage.

We have over 35 years experience in the engraving industry and over 10 years leading the Queensland market in both CO2 and Nd:YAG laser marking technologies. We offer professional consultation, proofing and a quality process control environment based on ISO9001 methodologies.

If you have an extensive range of product items with just-in-time regular marking requirements we aim to communicate and deliver results as openly as another department of your organisation.

Through consultation and assessment we can provide a schedule of performance commitments including product jig tooling, job turn-around times, quality standards, inspection criteria, price and delivery.


The power density of the laser beam is so high that the material partially vaporises during the machining process. Interaction between the molten material and the oxygen in the air often produces oxides which, due to their colour, make the marking stand out even more distinctly.

This process is similar to engraving however when the laser is adjusted to maximise power output over optimal laser focus the localised heating agent discolours the material surface but not penetrating in to much depth. This process creates darker marks than engraving but does not etch as much of the material away.

Ablating requires precise control over the laser parameters to achieve the optimum combination of mark clarity, depth of penetration and speed processing. In short, coated materials can be marked by removing the top layer of material, most common for foils and painted plastic surfaces as those for use with back-lit displays in automotive controls.

The matrix material of the plastic is melted for a short time, during which gases may develop. When the material cools down, small gas bubbles are trapped which reflect the incident light diffusely. This process leaves a raised area which contrasts to the original material. Some plastic may react with both foaming and colour change depending on material and laser output.

This process works primarily with plastics. The energy of the laser beam is used to selectively alter or destroy the structure of individual molecules such as plastic colour pigments. This process is particularly gentle for the material and surface. It does, however, require thorough preliminary examinations and the material composition must optimally match to the laser wavelength.

Please refer to our Laser Engraving - YAG for more information on the range of items we can mark for you