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Sapphire Awards - Tower Blue Medium

Series Sizes

Medium: 275 x 180mm
including base

Tower Silver Plate
Mirror Silver Backing
Rectangle Rosewood Timber Base with Black Riser
Laser engraved

Award Sizes:
Small: 215 x 180mm
Medium: 260 x 180mm
Large: 305 x 180mm
(15mm higher for Timber bases)

Award Colour:
Blue, Green or Clear

Award Plate Shape:
Tower, Surge or Focus

Plate Colour:
Gold, Silver or Bronze

Plate Backing Colour:
Gold or Silver

Base Shape:
Oval or Rectangle

Base Material:
Green, Blue, Black, Rosewood or Beech

Base Riser:
Black, Gold or Silver

Colour logo or artwork
Acrylic engraving on front or back

1. Choose your Award Shape, Colour and Size.

2. Choose your Plate Shape, Colour and Backing.

3. Choose your Base Shape, Material and Riser.

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Sapphire Awards - Tower Blue Medium
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