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Master Engraving is the benchmark of excellence you expect with engraving, identification and recognition.

Our awards, plaques and trophies must live up to the standards of excellence your success deserves and you can be guaranteed a winning result with our unique designs and professional team.

When precision and durability is required for your identification needs, we have the experience and technology to ensure our focus on a great result is laser sharp as well.

Here is our product overview:


If you require an innovative design for your recognition award, employee award or sales award we can provide you with a stylish presentation that will reflect your corporate image of excellence.

You can select from a range of unique acrylic award designs made locally in Australia for the contemporary business aesthetic.

Our range of Steelarc acrylic awards and award trophies made with stainless steel and solid eco-friendly timbers can ensure you give a distinctive presentation and recognition of achievement that will be warmly received by your recipients.

We make your award ceremony one to remember.

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Corporate awards Acrylic awards Steelarc awards Emerald awards Diamond awards Sapphire awards Reflective awards Gold Star awards


Whether you require a custom designed plaque for as an official opening, a wall plaque or a business award for rewarding excellence, we have a diverse selection to choose from.

We can provide Brass Plaques, Stainless Steel Plaques or Aluminium Plaques perfect for outdoor plaque use.

Our new range of Sapphire blue or green acrylic plaques are a brilliant diamond polished plaque with sharp faceted reflections, unique and exclusive to Master Engraving.

You can have an environmentally friendly solution with our solid timber plaques, all native Australian, plantation grown and laser engraved with 100% Green Power.

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Timber Plaques Acrylic plaques Glass plaques Wooden plaques Metal plaques Dye Sublimation plaques Steelarc plaques Sapphire plaques Classic plaques Motivational plaques Opening plaques Contemporary plaques Perpetual plaques Plaqitecture Natural plaques


More than a trophy shop, our company focus is on high quality products and professional service.

You can be guaranteed supreme quality silver trophy cup presentations with our prestigious range of imported English and Italian made designs.

All Premium Silver Cups and Champion Silver Cups are individually hand crafted on solid spun brass with 10 micron plating.

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Silver Trophy Cups, Premium Trophy Cups, Champion Trophy Cups, Sporting Trophy Cups, Swatkins Silver Cups

Custom Designs

We have made prestigious awards for global presentations. Our innovative concepts and material use can make your presentation stand out from the crowd.

We can manufacture to your design brief or consult with you on fresh ideas. From hand finished timber sculptures to tooling for cast bronze production we can bring your idea s to fruition.

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Custom Awards, Custom Trophies, Unique Design Trophies

Identification Marking

We provide laser engraving services for identification, branding and marking on a diverse range of engineered parts and components. From ID marking, ID serialisation, 2D matrix or barcodes on anything from surgical instruments to hearing aids; we have a depth of experience to ensure a professional result.

You can achieve 100 micron laser etching into tool steel with our YAG laser engraving, providing plastic injection moulders with detailed branding and artwork in your tools.

We have over 35 years in the engraving industry and over 10 years leading the market in both CO2 and YAG laser marking technologies. We offer professional consultation, proofing and a quality process control environment.

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Laser Marking, Laser Engraving, Laser Etching, Laser identification, Laser Asset Tracking, Laser Bar Coding

Promotional Decoration

Engraving is forever, so when you need to create a lasting impression, laser engraving is your premier choice.

Laser engraving timber or metallic promotional items will give your recipient a quality reminder of your organisation.

We strive to be the benchmark of quality by focusing on being the masters of our trade. Our technical expertise, commitment to professional service and utilisation of leading-edge laser systems is your guarantee to an everlasting impression of your brand identity.

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Promotional laser decoration, laser branding, laser printing, laser marking, laser etching

Name Badges

Looking for something impressive, distinctive and modern?
We have full colour printed badges on white, gold or silver plastic stock. All colour badges can be printed to CMYK colour specifications.

Laser engraved badges are available in gold, silver or a wide range of colours cut to any size.

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Plastic Name Badges, Metal name badges, colour badges, printed badges, engraved badges, brass badges, domed badges, personalised badges

Nameplates & Labels

Labels, switch plates, name plates, mimic panels, electrical panels, ins truction panels, compliance plates, interface boards - whatever your requirements for identification, we can provide a solution for you.

If you require complex diagrams or symbology, we can import a wide range of 2D vector formats, so speak t o our laser operators about the best way to provide your files.

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Name plates, labels, aluminium lables, metal labels, custom metal labels, stainless steel name plates, aluminium name plates, plastic labels, plastic name plates, trafolite, traffolite, trafolit, switch plates, mimic panels, barcode labels, asset tracking labels, anodised aluminium labels

Laser Cutting

We provide CO2 laser cutting on acrylic, timber, plastics and fibrous materials. For decorative and interior products laser cutting is a perfect choice for creating architectural models, puzzles, jigs, boxes and intricate designs.

Whether you have a promotional idea for laser cut Christmas cards or a physical 3D model to create, call and speak with our experienced team to see how we can assist you.

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laser cutting, laser profiling, model making, prototypes,

Laser Engraving – YAG

YAG laser engraving is the optimum choice if you require precision laser marking for identification, decoration and branding for a diverse range of industry materials.

Depending on your marking materials such as stainless steel, titanium, copper, rubber, paint layers and various plastic compounds we provide laser etching, laser tempering, laser ablating, laser foaming or laser bleaching to achieve your optimal marking outcome.

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YAG laser marking, stainless steel, titanium, copper, rubber, aluminium, inconel, brass, silver, gold

Laser Engraving – CO2

With over 10 years of CO2 laser engraving experience and utilising the best industry machinery, we offer consistent quality in etching, cutting and laser marking services.

Large laser engraving bed sizes and high powered machinery ensures we can produce with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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CO2 laser etching, Wood, Plastic, Acrylic, Glass, Coated Metals, Ceramic, Delrin, Cloth, Leather, Marble, Matte Board, Melamine, Paper, Mylar, Pressboard, Anodised Aluminium, Rubber, Wood Veneer, Fibreglass

Tactile Taxi Signs

Located on the same premises as Master Engraving, TactileTaxi is your comprehensive choice for Braille and tactile taxi signs.
Australian invention and patent specifically designed for the diverse weather conditions across our country.

You can be guaranteed the most flexible solution for your taxi fleet.
We provide either Tactile Only or Braille and Tactile signs.
You may also benefit with the choice to store and assemble signs immediately in-house as required, thus saving you time and money.

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Braille and Tactile signs, braille labels, braille signs, tactile labels, tactile signs, tactile taxi labels, visually impaired signs

Computer Engraving

Having a flare for layout and design, customised for your particular presentation is the real difference between Master Engraving and our competitors. It's our team that make the difference, not just the machinery!

From baby brooches to brass plaques we have the latest in software and technology to provide you with beautiful and accurate workmanship every time.

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